Home Elevators

Home elevators serve several purposes depending on the needs of the homeowner.  They can be used to transform an older two-story home into a more accessible environment for both the elderly or the disabled.  They typically take up little more space than an average closet, and have weight capacities that range from 450 to over 1000 pounds.  They have a wide variety of uses, and an in-home elevator can be a fairly economical solution to upgrade your current residence.  They can also be more practical than other forms of upgrades that are used to make multi-level dwellings easier to navigate for the elderly and disabled.

<h2>House Elevator</h2>

There are a variety of house elevator designs ranging from simple platform designs to complete enclosures.  There are also a variety of choices that are both economical and energy efficient.  These additions to a home have also been shown to increase the homes overall value by 10%.  In addition to the value that these elevators can add, they can also increase space.  Typically, most designs take up 70% less space than a stairway does.

House elevator designs are also safer than stairs, no fear of small children falling down the stairs or even you missing work due to a fall.  How many home improvement ideas can increase the value of your existing home, with slight modifications, while increasing the value of your home and making it a safer place to live?  In reality, very few, which is why home elevators appear to be an increasingly popular addition to existing homes and requests in new homes being built.