Home Elevator Cost

The overall cost of the home elevator depends on many factors.  The location and number of stops play a role in the price you pay, as do the materials.  Individuals can choose from from simple, basic plans to extravagant luxury models.  It all depends on what you want.  However, the price you pay will be influenced by the style that you choose.

Most basic types involve a two-floor stop system.  However, you may need more levels depending on the size of your home.  Also, the type you choose can be as basic as a platform with a gate to a fully enclosed unit, of metal or glass.  The size of the unit and load capacity are also factors.

The styles and options are only limited by one’s imagination in some cases, yet the more elaborate the design, the more it will cost.  Home elevators can be made using stone, marble, glass, hardwood, basically almost anything.  They can also have phone jacks or radios included as options.  Prices vary from a few thousand to several thousand, depending on your desires.

Many companies offer several packages and options, trying to appeal to home owners in all income brackets.  Most studies also show that one can increase the value of the home by as much as 10% with the addition of a home elevator system.  So if one overall goal is to simply increase the value, one may want to keep the options in-line with the value of the home.  Especially in times when home sales aren’t solid, it would be silly to spend more than one could hope to re-coop by adding this feature to an existing home.