House Elevator

When choosing a house elevator system, there are several options that one can consider.  The materials that can be used are numerous, and there are options to choose from in regards to the operation system.  There are gear driven systems that are available, hydraulic systems, electrical, battery and even vacuum operated systems.  Home owners can save anywhere to 30% to 50% in energy costs, just based on the type system that is installed.

Numerous designs are out there to choose from, with plenty of options to choose from.  These additions can add freedom, comfort and convenience to any home.   They can also add a certain uniqueness to a home, and can be a great update to any older home.   Almost any combination of wood and/or marble is available for decorating the interior.  Inside lighting options include halogen, fluorescent and cathode accent lighting.

Depending on the type of house elevator one chooses, handrails can be added.  Other options include scissor doors, observation glass and mirrors.  In home elevator systems can be designed to meet any need and desire.  Additional safety features and upgrades are available from almost every company in almost every design.  Specialty designs can add to the appearance and aid in making the system appear to be made for the home.

Placing a vacuum-style enclosure in an older Victorian style home would seem out of place.  However, matching the wood tones and the door style to the time of the home, can add to the appeal of the home.  Newer homes could attract more appeal perhaps with the space-age look of the vacuum design.  Matching the elevator options to the house design can be an important factor to consider.  Also, the options that are chosen has an impact on the size needed for the unit.